BREAKING NEWS: Conservative Party seeking an early General Election?

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Ben Timberley

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Today an email was received by a well placed Socialist source, that appears to be a war-chest begging letter from the Conservative party, with a view to more than regional or local elections.

"That's because with the 2020 local elections rightly suspended, we now face the colossal challenge of a double election round next year."
Find the email below:


The next election is scheduled to be in 2024, however with the repeal of the Fixed Term Parliament act, and the recent news that the UK has entered a devastating recession because of the governments handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, it seems sensible that an early election be called. Why?

The government still enjoys support from a hard core of Brexit voters and others who believe we should leave the EU in line with the referendum. The question the government is asking, is for how long? They know that in the face of their pandemic farce, and the flat out corruption we're seeing from government ministers, that even hardline Brexit supporters will begin to turn away from the Johnson-Cummings government.

Especially when Brexit voters AND Remain voters jobs begin disappearing down the plughole.

Watch out! We could be entering General Election territory very soon.


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