Why be an ISG Guild Member?

On this page you'll learn about the overall benefit of being an ISG member. The perks. The education. The prestige. It's all there.





  • An international Socialist ‘passport’, providing a huge range of access and benefits.

The passport is actually your verified account here on the ISG platform. It is used as a 'golden ticket' for special access to unique opportunities in the future.

  • A ‘secure online space’ to organise free from bullying, victimisation, harassment and manipulation by state, media and political agencies. Unlike social media.

Protected by Intellectual Property Laws and a secure technical firewall, you are free to discuss Socialism freely, as long as you obey the rules of the community.

  • Free education on Socialism, and all relevant topics.

As long as you are a member of the Guild, you will get access to the learning materials produced by your fellow Guild members.

  • Opportunities to collaborate with all other elements of the Socialist diaspora.

The reach of the ISG will be far and wide, attracting a wide range of Socialists with differing views, backgrounds and skillsets. In the Guild, you can network and collaborate with them all.

  • A campaign base providing tools and support for your Socialist campaigns.

The ISG has implemented a campaign building function, known as 'The Campaign Forge'. With this, you can recruit and empower fellow Guild members to help you achieve campaign success on any Socialist topic.

  • Member only events, and discounts / special access to Socialist community events.

ISG members get special access and privileges at ISG events, or participating partner events.

  • Accurate, up to date, verified news bulletins from sources with real integrity.

The ISG recognises the difficulty of getting up to date, accurate and honest news. We are in the process of building an independent news function, and collaborating with a wide range of independent left-wing journalism titles.

  • A secure and verifiable polling function, to gauge popular Socialist opinion & intent.

Are you fed up of being lied to about what your fellow Socialists actually think? We feel that way as well. So, you'll find regular ISG-sanctioned polls inside the Guild, to help gauge popular Socialist opinion on a wide-range of issues.

  • A thriving, vibrant and friendly community of challenging comrades.

Dont be lonely... your divergent, engaging, interesting and very human tribe are right here.