What will you find inside the ISG?

This provides a snapshot of the functionality inside the ISG community organising platform.

What is inside the ISG?

What's behind the subscription Paywall?

The Guildhall

Guildhall Forums

In the Guildhall you'll find the 'support' and 'social' area of the Guild. If you as a Socialist need help with something, this is where you'll go to find it. Also, if you just fancy a chat, having some fun, or simply networking, this is the place to do it.

The Campaign Factory

Campaign Factory Forums

The Campaign Factory is process-focused location where you can not only form the ideas behind a campaign, but also use the special 'escalation system' to DELIVER and MANAGE your campaign. It's all about empowering YOU as a Socialist.

The Policy Forge

Policy Forge Forums

The Policy Forge is a place where YOU, as a Socialist, can put forth your ideas for manifesto items that Socialist parties should adopt. It's not only a place for creating the ideas, but also for providing the detail and the 'how to' and the 'when' for said policies. Imagine a *unified policy framework* for ALL Socialists? It contains a set process for formulating, escalating, and community ratification of said policies that is easy to adopt and use.

The Guild University

Guild University Forums

The Guild University is a place where you can educate, and be educated about any of the key areas of Socialist manifesto policy, and Socialist Theory in general. In time, this will become the No.1 resource for Socialists looking to train up the next generation of activists, and to improve their own rhetorical and theoretical skillsets.

Other Sections

There are other areas of the community already built, and some under development. These include newsdesks, events areas and more. But it would ruin the surprise if we displayed everything here.

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